I lift up a prayer for the trees, the skin of the trees, the leaves of the trees, the roots of the trees, the earth under the trees.

I speak a prayer for the birds of the air, the seeds and insects on which they dine, the water from which they quench their thirst.

I whisper a prayer for the elephant, the wolf, the whale and the lion and for their cousins our beloved dogs and cats.

My prayer is for the food that nourishes us and also for those that grow it, pick it, pack it and truck it. I pray for the families of those who endeavor to feed their own families by doing this work for us.

My prayer is that this very food will manifest in the belly’s of those who most need it: the elderly, the homeless, the poverty-stricken and the working poor, the refugees, the sick and injured, and all those under the umbrella of war.

I lift up a prayer for those who have no voice, who are the victims of human trafficking, are slaves and are imprisoned within walls not of their own design.

My shout to heaven is for peace, peace inside of me radiating out across the globe with each and every breath I take.

And for all this and all that went unmentioned, I give thanks. I give thanks for the movement of Spirit in and through all things.

In and after the nature of Jesus the Christ. And so it is. Amen.

With a Heart Overflowing