Many of my friends know that I spend a few minutes every morning at the lake near my home. I immerse myself in the nature that surrounds me, pray, get still and calm my mind before the day begins. 

The pictures show how serene things have been at the lake the past few mornings. I’ve NEEDED this serenity because inwardly I sometimes fester with chaos. How blessed I am! Rarely do I leave this place, my place of gratitude, with the war still raging within.  I can again embrace all that I know to be true of the Universe.

 The Universe is kind. The Universe is friendly. I am one with the Universe. And all is well. At this very moment, all is perfectly well.

Though I am so very blessed to have this quiet place to go, it has to be noted that each and every one of us have a place to go that requires zero travel time to get there. We have access to that place of serenity, of peace, and to get grounded right within us. That place resides in the stillness within, in our most inner core of being. THERE lies the entire blessings of the Universe at our disposal. THERE is the peace, the serenity, the groundedness. It takes a mere breath, a conscious breath and awareness to settle our minds and hearts.

I sincerely hope you have a quiet place to go each and every day to prepare yourself for the onslaught of life. This lake ritual of mine keeps me sane, not just sane but wholly wondrous of what the day will bring.

And, yes, that IS a gator cruising along in the picture above…this IS Florida! 


Finding Inner Stillness