I guide spiritual wanderers toward a radical transformation of consciousness.

My sacred mission on earth is one of empowering folks to wake up; wake up to their divine brilliance, to their divine beauty, to their divine creativity and intelligence. My deepest desire is to raise the consciousness of my fellow Earth Travelers for we are on a journey of transformation. Many of us merely stumble through life living “lives of quiet desperation” or perhaps unaware that we are existing within that famous quote. My mission is to ring the gong, grab folks by the shoulders, metaphorically, of course, and point them to the mirror, guiding them gently to the core of their being. For within that core lies love everlasting.

As a woman of wisdom, I have many years of varied life experiences. As an Air Force veteran, a mother of four, a leader in many capacities, a multiple times entrepreneur, an individual who spent many years in traditional Christianity as well as a Kriya yoga initiate and practitioner, a curious dabbler in Buddhism and a licensed and ordained Unity minister, and a certified life coach, I bring wide and diverse skills and practices to the offering table. I live my life with passionate enthusiasm and for those desiring the same, I am here with you and for you.

Communicating in a no-nonsense, down-to-earth style, I encourage a development of inner practices to unlock and unearth the treasures within. Using meditation, journaling prayer, ritual and accessing help from nature, we can bring these modalities in to assist unlocking hidden power. I live in Winter Garden, FL with 2 dogs, a 19 year old cat, and three of my four adult children live nearby. I am currently nearing completion of my first book.